Leadership Team Descriptions

On October 19, 2019, the Greater Philly Cluster convened a Summit to discuss and determine the structure and future of the Cluster. Participants developed a plan to create a new Leadership Team, which would include the following:


  • Presents “Vision” for the GPC annually at summer mtg
  • Prepares Annual Report (1 page) in March and sends to congregations to distribute at congregational mtgs
  • Represents the GPC to congregations, ministers, etc. (answers questions, presents at congregations, etc.)
  • Checks in with Leads + Special Events on their projects
  • Receives inquiries from info@greaterphillyuu.org
  • Connects with CER
  • Maintains Google Drive folder of materials
  • If interested, considers advertising ideas/campaigns

Communication Lead

  • Posts monthly to email group with events, etc.
  • Maintains GPC Facebook group membership
  • Posts weekly to GPC FB group with events, etc.
  • Maintains GPC Facebook page
  • Advertises UUA General Assembly and other local UU events (e.g. UUMAC, Murray Grove Homecoming)
  • Maintains GPC Google Calendar and representatives’ access
  • Updates content on GPC website and creates monthly posts on website

Meeting/Training Lead

  • Organizes 3 GPC meetings per year (Fall, Spring, Summer) at different congregations
  • Prepares PPT (with input from Chair) and presents at meetings
  • Set up Zoom conf call for the meetings
  • Advertises meetings
  • Organizes 2 trainings per year (Fall, Spring) at different congregations
  • Solicits training ideas from congregations, then identifies 2 topics (Social Justice, Congregational Life)
  • Advertises Trainings, UU Leadership Institute, CER webinars

Coordinator – TBD