Vision for GPC 2016-2017

Vision for the Greater Philly UU Cluster 2016-2017

(Approved at the GPC meeting on July 30, 2016)


a) Further develop cohesion of the 14 Cluster congregations
b) Support efforts in which the Cluster congregations may benefit more from working together than working alone:
– advertise/spread the word of UUism
– denominational affairs
– education/training (provided by CERG)
– social justice
c) Create a couple of successes to build on

Actions to achieve the goals:

1. Post congregations’ events on the Cluster Google calendar
2. Send monthly emails to Cluster congregations with a paragraph for the Order of Service
– Congregations can also put the paragraph in their newsletters, on website, etc.
3. Further develop information on the Cluster website
4. Encourage ministers to make pulpit announcements to support the Cluster’s work
5. Link to Cluster website and Google calendar on congregations’ websites
6. Consider Faithify project to support UU advertisement at SEPTA stations

Community Building
1. Revisit our Cluster Covenant
2. Request support of vision from Ministers and Board Presidents (in Fall)
3. Continue bimonthly Cluster Steering Committee meetings of representatives
4. Participate in a Pride Parade (New Hope in May)
5. Consider organizing a fun annual Cluster event in Fall 2017

Denominational Affairs
1. Encourage UUA General Assembly attendance (June 2017)
2. Consider setting up a live streaming video session to watch part of General Assembly

1. Organize 2 trainings provided by CERG:
– Social Justice/Advocacy (November)
– Leadership Development/Succession Planning (March)
2. Conduct needs assessment of Cluster congregations to identify 2 education/training workshops for CERG to conduct in 2017-2018
3. Encourage participation in UULI courses

Social Justice
Support efforts of three key social justice issues to enhance congregations’ projects and increase congregations’ participation
1. Reproductive Justice (2012-2016 CSAI*)
2. Black Lives Matter/Anti-Mass Incarceration (2014-2018 CSAI)
3. The Corruption of our Democracy (2016-2020 CSAI)

*CSAI = Congregational Study/Action Issues

We acknowledge that the above list does not address all of the ideas/needs that have been discussed at past Cluster meetings. Those ideas have been moved to a “parking lot” to be considered in the future, once we build momentum and member participation.