The Greater Philly UU Cluster is committed to improving the communication among the 14 Cluster congregations. We accomplish this through several actions including:

  1. Sending monthly announcements to Cluster email distribution list and Google GPC group list
  2. Submitting monthly announcements to the congregations for their Order of Service, weekly electronic newsletter, and/or monthly newsletter. Announcements include information on the Cluster and highlight important upcoming events.
  3. Advertising Cluster and congregations’ events on the Calendar
  4. Advertising events on Facebook “Greater Philly UUs” Group and GPC Page
  5. Maintaining content on this website for congregations and friends to reference
  6. Linking to Cluster website and Google calendar on congregations’ websites
  7. Beginning to develop advertising resources for Cluster congregations (e.g. MLUC ad in local paper in July/August)

Past Projects:

  1. Philly ad campaign promoting Unitarian Universalism through Faithify crowdfunding project.