Philly ad campaign promoting Unitarian Universalism


Given the current state of unrest in the United States, the Greater Philly Cluster has fast-tracked a project to spread the inclusive message of Unitarian Universalism. Our goal is to share this message of hope and love with Philadelphia commuters while they wait for their train or subway.

The Greater Philly UU Cluster is composed of 14 congregations within commuting distance of Philadelphia. While mass transit is popular in Philly, the Cluster wants to place posters about Unitarian Universalism at rail station and subway station platforms in various locations around the mass transit system (SEPTA) that serves the greater Philadelphia area. The extent of the placement will depend on the amount of funds raised. The $5000 requested will cover the cost of approximately 10 posters on display for 4 weeks.

SEPTA has strict rules about the nature of the messaging allowed in these posters. While we would love to place a message explicitly supporting those who are feeling oppressed, we are restricted to brand recognition only. No “issue” ads. Fortunately, UU is an awesome brand. The current creative is shown here and has been approved by SEPTA. If we successfully raise the funds, we should be able to have the posters on display in February.

DEADLINE: December 29, 2016

We were successful! We raised over $5,000 for this SEPTA ad campaign.

Thanks to everyone who donated.

A First U member shared this Google Map, which can help identify an easy route to as many ads as possible, for photo ops:


First U member at Health Sciences Drive ad

MLUC member at Health Sciences Drive ad

Newsstand in front of Comcast Building

Newsstand in front of Comcast Building