Starting in January 2017, many UUs within the Greater Philly UU Cluster sought information on how to get involved in advocacy. A collection of resources suggested by varying UUs is provided below:

Tips on Effective Advocacy

Take a look at the UUA: Tips on Effective Advocacy


  • UUA Show The Love Resources
  • Solidarity Sundays: Entertaining for a Good Cause – basically, it is a monthly gathering for socializing and letter writing. It could be structured in many different ways, to address topics of concern to participants.
  • An app called Countable – it allows you to follow issues congress is considering or taking action on and lets you know how they voted on those topics. It summarizes the issue, gives reasons for voting yea or nay. It allows you to connect with your congressman and senators. You can send e-mails, call them or send video messages. If you put Countable in your App search, it will come right up.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Things You Can Do to Address Climate Change

What can UU’s do?

The Real Rules: Congregations and the IRS Guidelines On Advocacy, Lobbying, and Elections
by Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Washington Office for Advocacy

Can We Really Say That?
by Bolder Advocacy / Alliance for Justice

Find your Legislators:

Legislative Advocacy Tips for your UU Congregation

The Main Line Unitarian Church has developed a process for promoting and implementing legislative advocacy on Sundays during/after service. For more information, check out the September 23, 2017 Legislative Advocacy PPT.