WellSprings Congregation

wellspringsWellSprings is for folks who feel there’s got to be something that ties life—raising a family, doing a job, paying the bills—all together. We know that something is close to us when we remember that life is a gift and not an obligation. When we offer comfort in tough times to a friend or neighbor, or are comforted by them. When we’re so fed up with what is, that we know we have to be a part of what could be.

The Source that calls us has many names. When we answer the call we live with greater compassion and peace. We awaken. We know hope, not cynicism. At WellSprings, that’s what spirituality is all about.

We believe that spiritual growth brings real happiness. The kind of joy found not in things or in possessions, but in living fully, loving generously, and being who we are called to be.

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Montgomery School
1141 Route 113
Chester Springs, PA 19425
(610) 280-3797