Using Google Calendar

Before posting an event for your congregation, please remember that events on this calendar are meant to promote multi-congregation participation and community-based activities.  Events that each of the cluster congregations offer their members weekly, like services, religious education classes, group meetings, or social gatherings intended for members of one church, are better posted on a congregation’s web site, not on this group calendar.

Events on this calendar should have full descriptions or link to more information, so that people not affiliated with your congregation will have sufficient information about your event.


How to add content to the Philly Cluster Web Site Calendar

calendar-1—Make sure you are logged in to Google with the proper user account

  • Accounts were added for your congregation to edit the calendar.
  • The address had to be given permission to add events to your congregation’s sub-calendar.
  • Email if you need to be added.

calendar-2Open Google Calendar

  • —On Google, Not on the Cluster web site!
    • Click the 9 squares at top right.
    • Click “Calendar”


calendar-3Click on Day to Add Event

  • —Click your cursor on the date you want to add your event to.
  • —A dialogue box will appear.


calendar-4Add Basic Information

  • —Add the title of your even in “What”
  • —Choose your congregation’s calendar in the “Calendar” field.
  • Tip: if you type the time in the “What:” section, the time field in the next step will automatically be propagated.
    I.e., “Name of my Event 7pm-9pm”


calendar-5Edit the Event

  • —Click “Edit event” in order to add more information.


calendar-6—Propagate the fields

  • Name your event
  • Set the date and time of the event
  • Confirm you are using the correct calendar
  • Add more details about the event
  • You can also link to your web site
    • Link Code: <a href=“http://url”>Text to be linked</a>


calendar-7Check it Out


calendar-8Click It!

  • —Click the event to see how the world will view your event.


Best Practice

  • —Add as much detail to your description as possible, but put important info at top.
  • —Link to you web site’s event page when possible for more current information.
  • —Consider adding your congregation name to the title to distinguish it on the calendar.
    • I.e., “UUFLB – Name of my event