What does Reproductive Justice and UUPLAN have to do with you?


UUPLAN logoSaturday, March 19, 2016
1:00 – 2:30 PM
Unitarian Society of Germantown

WHAT: “What does Reproductive Justice and UUPLAN have to do with you?” Let’s advocate and institute change by using our liberal religious voices.

WHO: Co-chairs of the UUPLAN Reproductive Justice Team Judy Wilson (Mainline Unitarian Church, Devon) and Liz Perkins (First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh)

WHY: As the nation veers steadily to the right, it is more important than ever that Unitarian Universalists not only add their voices to the public conversation, but champion our principles endorsing the inherent worth and dignity of every individual as well as justice, compassion and equity in human relations. ​

Forty three years ago the Supreme Court​,in the case Roe v Wade, ruled that abortion was legal in the United States. Since that time there have been 1,074 restrictions, 288 just since 2010. These regulations have affected access and affordability for not only abortions but also basic healthcare for many. During that same time food stamp programs have been dismantled, the minimum wage has remained stagnant, voting rights have been threatened and  systemic racism has become more recognized in our communities and prison system.

As we watch the marginalized and poor among us suffer from continuing legislation that hurts them, we cannot stand silently by. Being informed is not enough. We must develop relationships with our legislators and let them hear our liberal religious voice .

This workshop will introduce the principles of Reproductive Justice as endorsed by UUPLAN (Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network) and will show participants simple and effective ways to communicate with their elected officials on a variety off issues, not solely reproductive justice.